Brickell Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (Size Options) | Mens Skincare & Grooming
Brickell Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (Size Options)

Brickell Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (Size Options)

Price: $21.00

Get beach inspired waves with the best texturizing sea salt hair spray for men. Use this premium men's hair spray daily to reinforce natural curls, reduce frizz, and add volumized texture to your hair. Crafted from natural and organic ingredients, this alcohol free men's hair spray is the key to achieving surfer hair while also delivering essential nutrients that result in thicker, stronger hair. 

What It Does: Formulated with an exclusive blend of sea salt and botanicals, this texturizing hair spray gives definition and lift to your natural hairstyle. Our men’s sea salt hair spray is alcohol free and provides naturally wavy texture and volume to all hair types with a no shine, matte finish.

How It Works:

  • Sea salt absorbs natural hair oils to lift hair, build volume, and produce texture for a relaxed, beachy look
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that assists with hair growth by reducing oxidative stress - an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants that breaks down hair follicles
  • Hydrolyzed proteins encourage hair moisture retention, while restoring elasticity, softness, and bounce to the hair.


  • Enhances natural hair curls and waves for an ocean-inspired hairstyle
  • Conditions the hair to increase volume, strengthen the hair shafts, and minimize shine
  • Alcohol free
  • All Natural & Organic
  • An unscented product