Anthony Logistics Vitamin A Hydrating Facial Lotion (50ml)

Anthony Logistics Vitamin A Hydrating Facial Lotion (50ml)

Price: $60.00
A+ Face Regenerator. Powerful dose of vitamin A (10%) to help reduce signs of aging and improve elasticity and texture of the skin. 

Potent Vitamin A increases cellular turnover, renews, restores and replenishes. Carrot Root tones and firms, Squalane lubricates and softens. Shea Butter eases wrinkles, smoothes and moisturizes. 

  • Allergy Tested 
  • Used For Face and Neck
  • Good For All Skin Types

    Key Ingredients:

    • Carrot Rootz; Rich in vitamins and minerals, this oil has many antiseptic properties. Smoothes and tones skin. Used for skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rashes. 
    • Glycerin: Natural humectant, holds and retains moisture on the skin, helps bind moisture to the skin. Great for chapped skin. A clear liquid that is the model of a great humectant: Glycerin is able to pull water form the air and hold it on the skin. It helps keep moisture in creams and other products, even if the consumer leaves the cap off the container. Also helps the products to spread evenly. 
    • Shea Butter: Used in Africa as a balm to soothe, makes skin more supple. It contains a substance that makes the skin supple, eases wrinkles and texturizes. 
    • Squalene: Derived from wheat germ; lubricates and softens skin. Effective emollient. 
    • Vitamin A: Softens, smoothes and stimulates the skin's own moisturizing mechanisms. Helps to prevent the degeneration of collagen that results in wrinkled, tight, dry, aging skin. Smoothes fine lines. Vitamin A is healing and soothing for all skin types, especially rough, dry, or blemished skin common with men.

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