• AB Crew: Tools For Fitness

    Posted by Patrick Levesque


    AB Crew, a Canadian brand, is one of our newer lines this year and targeting fitness, shaving, hair care, and more. AB Crew's packaging is bold and memorable, just like the actual products themselves.

    From the invigorating and stimulating effects of the Caffeine Shampoo and/or Nitro Conditioner, to the amazing aromas of the Shave Cream and After Shave, these products will keep you coming back for more. Learn more about what types of products there are in the video below and/or find them all here

    Watch the video below: 

  • Pore Delete Is Here: It's Like Photoshop In A Bottle

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    In the MASC Minute below, Jamie introduces the new Pore Delete from the brand Hylamide. This product is getting a lot of buzz because people are generally concerned about the appearance of pores, shine, and fine lines and this helps to address that - instantly.

    The product uses a maximum dose of polymeric low-micron prisms along with fractions of light-diffusing spheres suspended in Tasmanian pepperberry to make skin look nearly perfect right away until you wash your face. So whether used for stepping up your daily appearance, to a night on the town, or simply an Instagram selfie, Pore Delete is key.

    Pore Delete is part of Hylamide's "Finisher Series," which is described as their "Next Generation collection of skin-perfecting formulations including some of the most advanced blurring, mesh, radiance, prismatic and photographic technologies."

  • Keep Your Beard In Mint Condition!

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    With the growing popularity of beards over the past couple years, there has also been a growth in the availability of quality beard products. One such brand is Bluebeards Original and they've just launched two new products that will help you keep your beard in "mint" condition. 

    Up until this point, the Bluebeards products available at Masc include a Beard Wash, an Extra Conditioning Beard Wash with Jojoba Oil, aWonder Beard Conditioner and the Beard Saver (leave-in conditioner). 

    We're excited to now offer a new Beard Wash and new Conditioner that both contain Fresh Mint and Peppermint Oil to keep your beard fresh, clean and soft. The products are paraben-free and and contain wheat amino acids to help condition the beard.

    Shop for Bluebeards Original products here and/or learn more about the new products! Also, stay tuned for some new fragrance-free additions to the Bluebeards family... coming soon! 
  • LS&B Launches Three New Styling Force Products

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    Three new Lock Stock & Barrel protein-infused styling force products have just arrived at MASC to help help you get locked & loaded for the fall season. With so many special events around the corner, you're going to want to be looking your best. 

    LS&B already have a huge following at MASC as their products truly perform and deliver the results they promise. Now, the London-based hair company has done it again with three new exciting products that include: 

      • PREPTONIC - Prep and Style Thickening Tonic (3 - Medium Hold)
      • FLAT MATTE - Hair Thickening + Matte Fixing Lotion (4 - Strong Hold)
      • GROOMING GEL - Hair Thickening + Ultra Hold Gel (5 - Ultra Hold)
    To learn more about each of the products and which one is right for you, or discover other LS&B styling aids, click here
  • Spectral DNC-S: Breakthrough Hair-and-Scalp Support System Delivers Most Comprehensive Formula

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    New at MASC is the new Spectral.DNC-S from DS Laboratories. Spectral.DNC-S is so advanced that it comes as two separate formulas until users combine them during application for maximum performance. The minoxidil-free product delivers hair-recovery effectiveness for both men and women. 

    Advanced cases of thinning can be treated more successfully by women and men 

    Spectral.DNC-S is indicated for men and women in advanced stages of hair thinning because it delivers numerous compounds performing through complementary pathways.
    Most treatments work best in the early stages of hair shedding, before the follicles have a chance to atrophy. But this advanced, minoxidil-free, dual-chamber system also performs well in latter stages of thinning due to the exhaustive research done by DS Laboratories. The company has identified natural compounds that mimic the activities of certain pharmaceuticals, but without the side effects
    These powerful ingredients are delivered through an easily accessible cosmetic product, not a drug. By packaging ingredients in two separate chambers, the delicate materials can be deployed in higher concentrations for higher performance
    Since no topical product yet devised cures hair loss permanently, this product, like minoxidil and other treatments, must be used continuously to continue its benefits. 
    This new biotechnology means that Spectral.DNC-S can treat follicular dysfunction more aggressively. So, many patients who perceive little or no growth or thickening with minoxidil do see improvement after as little as three months using Spectral.DNC-S.

    Technological Highlights

    • ATP synthesis
    • Stem cells
    • Procyanidin B-2
    • Amino acids
    • Bioactive peptides
    • Collagen/elastin support
    • Chemical signaling
    • Nanosome encapsulation
    You can learn more about the product here and purchase it here.